Thursday, August 26, 2010


 This site is amazing..Most of us search the net for our inner most desires and fantasies and I've finally found it. Not only are the guys hot but the customer service when ordering a DVD is amazing. I was told by  the Director of Communications there are new movies being put up on the site shortly and I can barely wait! The content of the site alone does it for me but when I saw the sites membership price I couldnt believe it..and not only can you watch your fantasies become a reality but you can purchase the actual movies for your viewing pleasure. When I ordered the DVD of course I was worried how it was going to be delivered cause of course I didnt exactly think my mail lady would be into that type of When it came it was completely discreet. Even the DVDs themselves dont have pictures that you would have to hide when the family was coming over.. The layout of the site is as if you are being there why the poor little twink is being chloro'd an tied up..They also have some great links. There are social networking sites they are affiliated with and although the links to other sites are great I'm def stickin with the guys that are PUTTING THE LIGHTS OUT..